Search Engine Optimisation.

We will help you get your website on page 1 of Google!

If your customer needs a solution, how will they find it? They search for it on Google.

With almost 40% of clicks going to the number 1 position on Google it’s critical that your listing appears within the top 5 positions.

Every solution is found through a search engine, and because your brand is ranked at the top, audiences will assume you provide the best solution.

For eighteen years, we have worked with startups & established businesses to provide continuous site and content refinement, so that when the audience has a query, they come to you for an answer. 


Interesting SEO Facts.

1 %

of online users never scroll past the first search results page.

1 %

of marketers see the effectiveness of SEO to be on the rise.

1 %

of online activities start on a search engine.

Why your business needs SEO.

Ranking at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can give your business the push it needs to register with your target audience.

That’s why you need to reach out to customers that are in the market to buy goods related to your business. Being the first brand on the SERP list sends the message that your company is the first to answer customer queries and questions. If your website is ranked first, it is because Google has deemed that you can answer the customer’s question best – based off your analysed website.

If people can’t find your business online, you don’t exist to the customer.

This is especially true when customers are either actively looking for your brand or need services or products in relation to yours. Including an SEO strategy is a vital part of your marketing campaign success, and should be used as best practice whenever possible.

We appreciate that you might not have the time nor the budget to improve your SEO on your own. Athena Advertising are affordable experts that create reactive strategies based on what’s best for your business. This is done through constantly updating our methods to deliver the best results and keep you on top.

Search Searching Finding Looking Optimisation Concept

How we use SEO to help brands like yours.

Website Audit

We start by reviewing your website and current SEO to assess where you’re at and what changes need to made. We’ll check keywords, links, load speed, and more and then deliver a report and what areas need some extra help.

Keyword Research

This involves the keywords your target market is using to search for products or services like your own. We look at what keywords you could be using to better appear in search pages, and then help you integrate those keywords throughout your site in the form of relevant content.

SEO Competitor Research

We conduct thorough research on your competitors and their SEO performance. This way, you know what you’re up against and how your SEO is giving you a leg up. We keep track of your competition, so you don’t have to!

SEO Based Copywriting

Our professional copywriters work to ensure that your pages are both search-engine friendly and answer the needs of your customers. We work to write lively, engaging content that offers genuine solutions to visitors, striking the perfect balance between search engine and human friendly.

Onsite SEO

SEO is about more than just keywords. Search engines use algorithms made up of many components to determine the helpfulness of your website. Some of these metrics include load speed, internal links, and content placement. We work to make sure that your website is in the best possible shape for both search engine rankings and for the customers who visit.

Link Building

Links help signal to search engines the popularity, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness of websites. We’ll analyse your existing links and see which ones are weak and which ones are performing well. From this, we will work to build links that will help your SEO.


Number of keywords is not limited. You buy the service, or the time that someone spends working on your website and campaign. If you select one or a few keywords, it is not the same as ten. The time of the campaign is expressed in working hours, our advice is to choose the optimal number of keywords that can have a great effect on a specific period of optimization.

Sometimes it is better to focus on 2-3 keywords, rather than waste the “strength” on a large number of them and do not get the desired results.

The contract can be signed only if you wish, there is no obligation. Our interests are a long and successful cooperation and good recommendations / references.

Google makes search results based on the textual content, a very small percentage over images (Google images). The content is still the King and will remain so.

When you write a text for your website, invest enough time to make it informative and quality. It will pay off.

SEO is a process that requires more time, more working hours in order to achieve the results and they are more permanent than the paid ads. On the other hand, the advantage of Google advertising is a fast placement on the first place skipping the competition, but the ad is active while it has got enough funds.

SEO results are very easy to follow through changing your position on the search engine, increasing the number of queries / keywords, visits increasing. Monthly reports from SEO specialists will transparently show all marketing activities.

What our customers have to say.

Lets get your website on the first page of Google.

You’re running a successful business and you have great ideas, it’s time for your brand to reflect that. That’s where we can help with our expertise. Athena Advertising is the leading Design Studio that can support all of your SEO needs.

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